Biotec Mix LA

Biotec Mix LA Organic acid
Biotec Mix LA

Ability to acidify the medium feed additive gastrointestinal tract, which promotes the growth and development of microflora, and also improves the digestibility of the feed components, which leads to reduce mortality, increased weight gains and improved feed conversion. At recommended doses, the addition of non-toxic, readily metabolized in the body.

Feed additive contains in its structure:

  • propionic acid (99.5%) 18 - 22.0%,
  • formic acid (85%) 14.0 - 17.1%,
  • lactic acid (78%) 13.5 - 16.5% ammonium formate 20.4 - 25.0%,
  • water up to 100%.

Additive is packed 20 or 25 kg plastic cans, 225 kg plastic barrels and 1000 kg plastic containers. Each unit of packaging labeled in Russian with the indication of: name of the manufacturer, its address and the trademark, name, purpose and method of use of the feed additive, the composition and guaranteed parameters, batch number, manufacturing date, terms and conditions of storage, the net weight, the information compliance, the inscription «For the animals» and provided with instructions for use.

Mix Biotech LA is used to optimize the digestive processes in pigs for fattening, piglets and poultry.

Applying the additive in feed via the metering device in the preparation center farms, using existing technology mix.


  • 1-3 kg / ton of feed;
  • 3-5 kg / ton of meat and bone, bone meal or other animal-derived ingredients.
  • 5 kg / ton of fish meal