The key points of calves feeding

How do we calculate the optimal amount of milk or a milk replacer for a calf?
What are the reasons for many profitable farms using a milk replacer successfully, while their colleagues were unable to introduce it?
What is the main mistakes that our clients have made using the milk replacer and their consequences?

Answers below...

Daha fazla oku 21 Jun 2017
Biofilm is a constant source of pathogenic microflora in drinking water.

Many cases of diarrhea, which can be recognized by external symptoms as a consequence of poor-quality feeding or other reasons, can actually arise because of the poor quality of drinking water.

Daha fazla oku 27 Apr 2017
Cow milk replacers. Advantages and profits.

During growing up raring calves, the defining period is the milking period of their life, when immunity develops. In the first hours after birth, the calf acquires passive immunity only through colostrum, as a result of which antibodies appear in its blood.

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