Buzoqlar uchun
Calvomusli Calvomusli


Calvofit Lux Calvofit Lux


Calvolit Calvolit

Vitamin-Mineral Complex

Calvofit 10/20/30 Calvofit 10/20/30

Protein-Mineral-Vitamin Additive

Calvofit T Calvofit T

Vitamin-Mineral Complex

Calvofit Calvofit

Starter feed

Calvobooster Calvobooster

Vitamin-Mineral Complex

The key tao the profitability of dairy production.

The basis for effective livestock management is the cultivation of a healthy rare calves with a high potential for productivity.

Balanced feeding during the growing period (first 9 months) determines the level of mortality and vitality, future productivity and economy of the farm.

For this, several key tasks must be solved, including:

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Prophylactic in digestive disorders
  • Development of rumination
  • Improve dry feed consumption