AQUA PH Organic acid
  • Reduce infectious enforce on the herd, the risk of intestinal infections and mortality
  • Increase the effect of vaccinations and other veterinary measures, reduces the cost of veterinary medicines
  • Increase feed consumption reduces the conversion
  • Increase productivity and economic index of the production

Feed additive contains in its structure:

  • propionic acid (24,0-25,5%),
  • ammonium formate (9.0-10.0%),
  • lactic acid (9.0-10.5%),
  • formic acid (9.0-10.0%),
  • mono and diglycerides of edible fatty acids (1.5-2.5%),
  • water to 100%.

Additive is produced in 10-35 kg packaged in plastic cans, 225 kg plastic barrels and 1000 kg plastic containers. Each unit of packaging marked with the label in Russian with the indication of: name of the manufacturer, its address and the trademark name 

  • 1-3kg / ton of feed;
  • 4-5 kg / ton of meat and bone, bone meal or other animal ingredients;
  • 6 kg / ton of fish meal;
  • 1-2 kg / t of water for drinking.

When using Aqua pH in accordance with the instructions for use of side effects an complications have been identified. There are no contraindications established.

Feed additive is compatible with all the ingredients of feed, drugs and other feed additives.