Aquasafe Organic acid
  • Purification of water from the biofilm and pathogenic bacteria
  • Disinfection of the drinking system
  • Prevention of reproduction of pathogenic Gram-negative microorganisms
  • Prevention of intestinal infections
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce feed conversion

AQUASAFE Liquid (Aquasafe Liquid) feed additive for disinfection of water for watering livestock and poultry. Feed additive contains in its composition: 34.5% formic acid, ammoniumformiat 29.5%, 11.5% acetic acid mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids 2.5%, sorbic acid 1.5% 0 Zinc acetate 75%, 0.75% of copper acetate, 19% water. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Additive is produced in 10-35 kg packaged in plastic cans, 225 kg plastic barrels and 1000 kg plastic containers.

Each unit of packaging marked with the label in Russian with the indication of: name of the manufacturer, its address and the trademark name additives, its composition, the net weight, guaranteed parameters, purpose, method of application, batch number, expiry date and storage conditions, the date of manufacture, the inscription «For the animals», state registration number and provided with instructions for use.

Aquasafe liquid used for the disinfection of drinking water for farm animals, including birds. Enter the additive in the water for watering by hand or autosampler. To prevent the growth of bacteria used 1-2l / 1000l of water for at least eight hours. This prevents the explosive growth of bacteria in the water for drinking. For purification of contaminated water using 2.1 liters per 1000 liters of water. Carry out the procedure for 3-for-5 days.

No complications in the application of the feed additive in the recommended amounts were not revealed.

Aquasafe Liquid is compatible with all the ingredients of feed, drugs and other feed additives.