Biofilm is a constant source of pathogenic microflora in drinking water.

Biofilm is a constant source of pathogenic microflora in drinking water.
27 Apr 2017

Many cases of diarrhea, which can be recognized by external symptoms as a consequence of poor-quality feeding or other reasons, can actually arise because of the poor quality of drinking water. To combat this problem, traditional means are ineffective. Animals are treated with antibiotics, however, after a short-term improvement, the disease returns again, since the main cause of its appearance has not been destroyed. The use of medicines for long periods of time or an increase in the rate of administration of food additives causes not only sanitary problems (the development of resistance to medicines, etc.), but also economic (the cost of medicines and / or additives), as well as production (deterioration of zootechnical parameters).

Hygiene of drinking water is one of the most important aspects of successful livestock breeding.

The ideal solution is the use of a drug based on organic acids Aqua pH PROTECT

Aqua pH PROTECT, produced by the Spanish company LIPTOSA is a synergistic mixture of organic acids selected in the most effective proportion, and copper sulfate, successfully used for water hygiene in the presence of animals.

The action of the drug is to acidify water, destroy biofilms and prevent its formation.

Acidification of drinking water and hygiene.

It can be seen from the table that the optimum pH for the development of microflora is from 4 to 10 units.

At pH at level 4 almost all pathogenic microorganisms perish. Thus, acidifying water in the drinking system to a pH of 3.5-4, we completely rule out the possibility of multiplying the pathogenic microflora.

Aqua pH PROTEKT effectively reduces the pH level in production conditions. If Aqua pH PROTECT is added to distilled water in the proportion of 0.5 ml per liter (500ml / 1000l), the pH of the water will decrease to 3.52. If the same dose of the drug is mixed with tap water with an initial pH of 7.74, the acidity value drops to 3.80. Aqua pH PROTECT is a highly concentrated product with a pronounced ability to reduce pH even in solutions of very low concentration.

Acidified Aqua pH PROTECT potable water has very useful physiological properties for monogastric animals. It is more delicious, the animals drink more and with pleasure, the appetite increases.

Pure, tasty acidified water acts as a digestive regulator, increasing the digestibility of nutrients, and as a growth stimulant, and as a result, the herd's technical performance is increased.

Cleaning from biofilms and preventing its appearance.

Due to the content in the Aqua pH PROTECT copper sulphate, the drug effectively fights biofilms. Dissolving in water copper sulphate, like all salts formed by weak base and strong acid ions, hydrolyses and gives an acidic environment, and copper ions actively destroy the biofilm and prevent its formation.

Aqua pH PROTECT prevents formation and dissolves the existing biofilm due to its direct antimicrobial effect, which prevents the deposition of organic mucus in the drinking system.

It is very important to monitor pH values ​​of water at various points in the drinking system. So in large-sized drinking systems, water levels at the beginning and at the end of the line are often different, as the biofilm can be more intense at the end of the system. Large differences in pH measurements at various points in the system can be a bright indicator of the presence of biofilm. Aqua pH PROTEСT allows unhindered delivery of safe drinking water to any point in the drinking system.

Security is a key issue

As already mentioned above, the refusal to use antibiotics for prophylactic purposes is caused by the increasing resistance of pathogens to them.

The drug based on organic acids Aqua pH PROTECT is an effective alternative to the use of antibiotics. Its use prevents a large number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract without the need for periods of waiting or destruction of the livestock, does not cause addiction in pathogenic microorganisms, does not have a negative effect on the intestinal microflora, maintaining the balance of the intestinal microbiocenosis.

The fact that acids provoke corrosion of equipment is known to everyone. Thanks to modern technologies used in the development of food additives LIPTOSA, it became possible to create a new corrosion-safe formula for acidifying water, which eliminates the need for "buffer type" products that reduce the antimicrobial effectiveness of the drug. Aqua pH PROTECT is classified as a non-corrosive agent and is an acidifier much safer than traditional acidifiers for equipment, humans and animals.

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